HPA First

The HPA First Process is the application of the Company’s proprietary licenced solvent extraction and refining technology to produce HPA from an industrial feedstock.


HPA First was adopted in July 2018 as a major advance on the previous process flowsheet, which used a feedstock generated from the acid-leaching of laterite mineralisation from the Collerina Ni-Co-Sc Project, in central NSW.

The HPA First Project Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) has now been delivered (Nov 2018) with a compelling business case, capable of delivering 10,200tpa of 4N (99.99% purity) High-Purity Alumina (HPA) into the burgeoning HPA market. A PFS update (March 2019) is also available here.  Financial Highlights include:


The HPA First Project utilises a novel, proprietary licenced process flow sheet  based on Solvent extraction (SX) to deliver a disruptive and highly competitive entry into the HPA Market.


The HPA First Project process in unique amongst existing and proposed HPA producers

The Company is now committed to an immediate transition to pilot plant and DFS with a view to reach a Final Investment Decision (FID) by the end of CY19.