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Capital Structure

Information as at 6 August 2019.

Distribution of Equity securities

Range Number of Holders Number of Shares
1- 1,000 51 7,786
1,001- 5,000 74 263,238
5,000- 10,000 147 1,321,207
10,001- 100,000 332 14,037,533
100,001- and over 333 586,470,254
Total 937 602,100,018

The number of shareholders holding less than a marketable parcel at 6 August 2019 is 102.

Substantial Shareholders
Substantial shareholders and the number of equity securities in which it has an interest, as shown in the Company’s Register of Substantial Shareholders is:

Shareholder Number Held Percentage
Regal Funds Management Pty Ltd 84,221,687 13.99
Permgold Pty Ltd 67,291,194 11.18
Budworth Capital Pty Ltd<Rolling Hills Capital A/C> 40,406,001 6.71
BT Portfolio Services Limited <Warrell Holdings S/F A/C> 34,312,500 5.70

Class of Shares and Voting Rights

The voting rights attached to ordinary shares, as set out in the Company’s Constitution, are that every member in person or by proxy, attorney or representative, shall have one vote when a poll is called, otherwise each member present at a meeting has one vote on a show of hands.